About Our Scaffolding

All of our scaffold and scaffolding related products are High Quality Brand New Products.  They are all designed to meet or exceed all OSHA, ANSI, and SIA Standards.

Sunbelt Scaffolding and Supply sells high quality Scaffolding and related products.  We carry many types and sizes of frames including S-Style (1-11/16"o.d.) and W-Style (1 5/8"o.d.), as well as Veneer Jacks and Shoring Frames.  We also carry five, six, eight and ten foot Cross Braces, several different styles and sizes of Scaffolding Boards and Scaffold Planks including eight, ten, twelve, and sixteen foot, Di-65OSHA compliant, Southern Yellow Pine Scaffolding Planks as well as seven and ten foot Aluminum-Plywood Scaffold Planks and seven and ten foot ALL-Aluminum Scaffold Planks. We also carry eight, ten, twelve and sixteen foot Laminated Planks.  We carry all varieties of Jacks including Scaffold Screw Jacks with Base Plates, Scaffold Jacks with Sockets, Scaffold Base Plates, Scaffold Swivel Base Plates, Scaffold Swivel jacks and High Load Scaffold Jacks.  We also carry Scaffolding Wheels Casters including 5" Casters with a 1 1/4" square shank (for the Aluminum Bakers Style Scaffold and Steel bakers Scaffold) and 8" Scaffold casters with a 1 3/8 round shank for the standard Masons Style Scaffold. We carry Scaffolding Accessories such as Snap Pins, Hinge Pins, Spring Retainers, Gravity Pins, Rivets and Cotters, Roll Pins Snap Pins, 1.690 Connecting Pins, Right Angle Clamps, swivel Clamps, Hoist Assemblies, and Wheel Wells.  If you need extra working space, our Scaffolding Side Brackets and Scaffolding End Brackets allow to work outside the normal standing area, enabling you to reach areas that may not normally be accessible due to an obstruction at the base of the scaffolding.  For your safety, we offer many items such as Swing Gates, Expandable Gates, Guard Rail Posts, five, seven, eight, and ten foot Scaffolding Guard Rails.  For accessibility, we carry 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot Scaffolding Ladders, ladder Brackets and Internal Scaffolding Stair Units.

Sunbelt Scaffolding & Supply, Inc.

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